Monday, June 28, 2010

Scott's of Halifax- Pittsylvania n maybe Lunenburg VA

A Group is Absalom Scott in Cumberland Co. KY He was in the northern part of Cumberland Co. KY

B Group * Nimrod Sr, John, and Jacob and I am adding sister Anne Scott m to Jesse Ashlock. 6 Sept 1785 in Pittsylvania Co. VA
Isaac is mentioned as another potential brother. William is also mentioned in deeds and other data. Two Children from two of these boys married and came to Cumberland Co. KY Clement is a nephew and his sister ma William Scott. All came by wagon train 1803=1806 Cumberland Co, KY.
Nimrod Scott Sr did not arrive until around 1817 -1820. I think this is also the time that Shadrack came to Cumberland Co. KY. Shadrack* is the son of John*, son of Thomas.

They lived in the south central portion of the county and were spread early, from state line, to the north, along the Kettle Creek and on Pearidge up to at least Galloway Creek. Largest group of descendants in the Cumberand area were in this region.

C Group Henry, Thomas and Samuel were in Cumberland Co Ky prior to 1810. They lived side by side indicating kinship.
It is believed Thomas was over 45 and possible the father. They settled in the Illwill and Spring Creek area. southeastern section of Cumberland Co. KY. ILLWILL (?) spelling in book.

D Group Reuben Scott Sr., William Scott, bought 21 Nov 1806 Kettle Creek 100 acres . Rueben Sr was born in Va. It is surmised that Rueben is the son of Nimrod Sr. as they were all ministers. (more later)
This family does seem to tie into the B Group. Research was done long ago and it is thought that as of today we may
find more links with more people looking and searching.

More to follow.


  1. i am kin to absolom scott through my father. any info or pics or even throw me in a direction. thanks,angie scott nickerson

  2. I have posted more on this family and two cousins found me that may have more help for you. Would appreciate an email so I could privately contact you.