Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Genealogy in the Neighborhood, South Bay area of San Diego, CA

A follow up on the information posted yesterday. The Seminar Committee met and have chosen the topics for the Seminar.

We filled in activities, for the rest of the time posted for the year. This was an event started in Feb/Mar to expand the

Society to reach out to the people in our community that may want to be able to learn more about genealogy and their family background, history & stories.

We took the topics that the program chairperson had picked and have tried to build a A to Z program in continuity with the
programs chosen to present to the community at a time other than the during the day general meeting.

It was our hope to have an event at least one a month to match the Wednesday General meeting event, in the evening or on the weekend.

Due to the success of the mini seminar we have had a Beginners Class taught and I think 19 people got certificates. This will be offered again later I believe after summer time ? for others to learn more also. Though if we are to reach teachers they are free during the early summer not late, mmm point to ponder here.

We have added people to the library to help the library with people whom come in asking for information. It seems at least once a week we gain a new name of a person interested. Sometimes twice or more we gain a new contact.

Since John does Monday's and I hear MaryAnn H is now helping him and Dearl is coming back too this is a real plus.
Virginia and I do Wednesdays on the days we do not go to Lemon Grove. Shirley and Phyllis and sometimes Gary helps on
Sundays or Wednesdays also. We hope Barbara will be able to come back and do the opposite Wednesdays part time and we look forward to meeting new people and have more people from the Society to share this adventure.

It is a great time to become familiar with our own library and all the data in it. I have found sources on three families so far, that was not there when I did this in the 1999 and 2000, 2001 time frame. We have signed up 3 people from meeting them at the library and sharing our knowledge with them.

Randy will be doing an Outreach talk on Ancestry the end of June at the CV CIVIC CENTER Library.
We are reaching out to our community libraries to see if they want help. It seems they are very excited about us
doing a presentation and sharing our knowledge with their clients. We can only find out if we try.

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  1. Again an excellent post. The A-Z to approach is great.