Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Reflections Genealogical and Otherwise

Much has been happening in our lives here and so blogging has had to stand down for a bit. It has been a very
interesting month and it has hardly started.

We have Jamboree coming up for those who will attend. We have our own monthly agenda's we like to attend and be a part of.

As a genealogist, I want to say I belong to a very good society that is reaching out to it's community neighbors to help
more people learn how to do genealogy. Our society has representation from all over south bay we like to say we cover the
area south of 94.

So if you live in National City, Imperial Beach, Coronado, Spring Valley, San Ysidro, Nester, Otay Mesa, EastLake, Bonita, etc we would love to have you come check out what we are doing and let us help you learn your family history.

Chula Vista Genealogy Society has many events for many people. We have expanded our hours to cover the times when
some people would be working and not able to attend regular speakers meeting.

O we do not have it perfected yet but I sure hope it is a step in the right direction. We now are attempting to cover Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 every Wednesday . I actually cover two of those Wednesday evenings with Virginia. We have Sunday afternoons between 1- 4 covered depending on whom is doing the shift some like 1-3 others like 2-4.
Shirley Becker, Phyllis Learned and others are doing Sunday's. So far we have had Shirley Becker, Phyllis Learned, Virginia Taylor, Barbara I, Gary Brock and I as helpers.

If your a CVGS member we would love for you to come in and learn the set up so you can help too. IF you would like to learn
more about genealogy and would like help drop by so we can assist you in getting started, solving your brick wall, learning
new methods, programs and webpages free and non free to help you in your research.

We are working on our Outreach classes that will supplement the Monthly speaker's meetings for our day working people
who may want to attend a learning event. All of this takes time and some effort on everyone's part. We have a new
meeting venue for Outreach Classes to not burden our home library. This is going to happen in July, with the first event.

I know the Society is planning more Beginners Classes and How to Events to help new people and bring others up to date
on current topics and events. Some of these events are scheduled and with summer coming you may want to take advantage
of some them.

Our newsletter is posted on the web page as are many of our members surnames that they are researching. Check it out.
You may find a link your looking for. Lots of various articles are placed on the web page.

You may contact board members by going to this site:

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