Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thomas Scott Surname for Saturday

After 30 years of digging for the wrong name of ancestor, we were able in the last two years to move back a few generations.
Dear Robert Scott was not John's father but his brother and probably his closest friend since family kept saying he always talked about Robert so they thought he was father's name.
But John and Robert and others was the son of Shadrack Scott from Pittsylvania Co Va. His father was also a John Scott married to a Saphira Murry on 28 Feb 1782 Pittsylvania Co., VA .

John's father we have learned is THOMAS SCOTT whom died in Halifax Co. VA which is what Pittsylvania was before it was created.

Wow was there lots of members that appear to belong to this family. New puzzle pieces to sort and place appropriately.
PAYNE is related as are many other really cool names I have been watching for some time.

Land records show the intermingling of the Murry, Lewis, Payne, Shields and other names. Neighbors and kin many of them.

Will written 25 Jan 1767 Hailfax Co. Wll Bk O, pg 215-216 Inventory made May 1767 Halifax Co. VA
The fact that he signed the will and that he owned two chests of books in the inventory suggests that he was better educated than average for that period of time. That may help to distinguish him from other Thomas Scotts in records ... assuming that we find some.
best regards, Dave Seigler.

Any more Scott- Murry, Lewis kin out there.

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