Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Veteran's Park, Imperial Beach, CA

Monday we went to the Veteran's Park Memorial Day event in Imperial Beach, CA. This is an event that has been put on for 42 years of this societies existence.

It started early with the gathering of the volunteers and the setting up of the event. The occasion started at 10 AM.
The Presiding Officer Mick Fulton did a great job of presentation of the various events and the introduction of the guests and
the winners of the essay put on by the FRA. All the members of 289 did a marvelous job of making this happen and Bill Landry is the Memorial Day Chairman. Thanks Bill.

The guest speaker was the Commanding Officer, Center for SEAL and SWCC, Captain Christopher R Lindsay.
He gave an interesting history of his life and where he was at this time last year. He commended the efforts of all the fallen servicemen in all services and also mentioned the efforts that were done by the wives and mothers of the family members of the military community. it was interesting to note that he said the military found that families that were close and supportive had stronger military careers. Now those are my words for his saying. His was more lengthy and soft and so appreciated by the mothers, wives and friends of the servicemen.

In all my years with the military community he is only the second person to ever say that openly for my ears to hear.
I first heard that we were their backbone when I first joined the Navy Wives Club in Lemoore NAS many years ago as a young wife of a serviceman. Now having been married to my serviceman for more than 50 years I suddenly hear a Officer say those words again. It actually gave my heart a lurch. Sir, I thank you.

It was nice to see the City Counsel of Imperial Beach and Mayor Janney attend this event. Imperial Beach is a place that has grown and changed a great deal since I was first exposed to it in 1950.

The Placement of Floral Tributes to the fallen was presented and were to be given to the sea later in the day.

Taps was played by the 82nd Airborne Honor Detail.

I want to thank the: Fleet Reserve Association Branch 289, Ladies Auxillary FRA Unit 289, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5477, Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 5477, American Legion Post 820, & Ladies Auxiliary American Legion Post 820, for their
presenting this event, with the City of Imperial Beach.

I also want to say Thanks to all those at the FRA Branch 289 for the food afterwards that we shared with our families and were able to expose our children and grandchildren to what Memorial Day is all about.

Have you exposed your children and grandchildren to this event? Do they know what Memorial Day is about?
It really is secondary to have a BBQ or beach party it is truly a day of reflecting on our past service, family members and what
they endured to keep us free.

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