Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday, Birthday and more Birthdays

 Friday we celebrated a young man turning 20 no longer a teen, Fred told him, with a great big grin.
 Friday night we went to eat with all the family that was free and had a great social event. We even had
 food we liked and enjoyed.  The company was the best.

 Today is my love one's day, tomorrow our oldest child and then the next day, our youngest grandchild.
 That is to say, we started the month of with our oldest daughter's day. A few relatives in between so
  we could call this Birthday month.

  A genealogist friend/cousin said count how many names you have in your program but I think it would
  be more fun to find out which month has your most birthday's.

  August used to be the month but with death March now stands alone.

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