Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fearless Females Education - Immigration Story

Fearless Females- Education

 O but we all are educated, whether we went to school or learned via the school of doing, or hard knocks.
 I had almost completed my college degree and husband said to expensive would not recoup money spent
 since I was going after a Teaching Degree and the state was laying of teaches left and right.
 Ironic, years later the state is still employing and laying off teachers.  The seasoned educated ones with
 a great sense of what is happening are retiring early and the new young ones are coming in attempting to
 fill their shoes.  By the way some do a terrific job of filling them shoes.

 I do not know of any ancestress that went to college though one may have, some went to high school.
 Remembering that High School  of the 1930's and before were equivalent to a college degree of today.
 Same applies for an Eagle Scout in 1970s was classed as same as college degree.

 Have you tried to pass the  8th grade exam for the 1920's  or before?

I think the school of living sometimes is more important and you learn more values than a book learning
one.  Dr's learned that way so did Nurses and most others prior to the late 1800's. Hands on is a real viable way of learning.

Fearless Females  - Immigration Story

Aha, my Mother in law dcd family came to the USA after the 1850's. Sad to say each time the ship pulled into port a storm shoved it back out into the bay.  Her husband was ill and died before they finally got tied up.  She raised their children on her own here in the USA.  She endured the stress of the immigrant inspectors and they horrid ways of inspection.

I am glad she survived and down the line I have a very fine husband from  her lineage. I do not want to say more about the horrid things she endured. We American's can be so cruel it always takes my breathe away.

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