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Fearless Females #23 Women and Children

Fearless Females   Women and Children

Now that is a topic, without women no children, albeit a young girl with child to soon.
Mothers interaction with their daughters, can be varied and complex.
Some female relatives have a very close relationship with their daughters. Some daughters have a closer
relationship with their father.

My family is no different. I  had a good relationship with my Mom and a good one with Dad. It was generally easier to talk to  Dad.  I never figured out why that was.

My Aunts were a great sounding board for me in life. Both on my Mom and my Dad's side.

Grandma's were far away and we shared some in letters but nothing like my relationships with my Aunts.

I heard great stories about some of our Great Grandmothers and their adventures.
I would say the Great Great Grand mothers that made the trip west in wagons and on foot were probably the most to be admired and the children were taught to be strong and resilient. Rachel Plants Hoffman,
from Greene Co. Pa to Monroe Co. IA, with three children at least, GGGGrandmom Lydia Trowbridge whom moved from Edwardsville, NY  born 1841 to Waterloo, IA, Sarah E.(Jane) Foulk b 1813 Perry Co PA to Troy Grove, ILL., Katherine Myers b 1845 Perry Co. PA to Blackhawk Co. IA d 1922,(1865) moved De Kalb, Co. Ill. and lastly Harriet Lewis Scott who was born in VA probably Halifax Co. and moved to Cumberland Co. KY then moved to ILL then moved to IOWA.  Harriet's birth was about 1790 and her death was after 1850 in Henry Co. IA.

This was a lot of changes and children watching and teaching and adjusting.
Granted some females were born and died in the same state, and  had very difficult stressed lives but the moving and adjusting I can relate to since I married a serviceman and we moved about the country and had to adjust to weather, people, food, not necessarily in that order either.

This I hope helped them to be more grown and mature when the went out on their own.

Fearless Females , Yes they truly had to be  fearless to survive.

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