Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fearless Females Mother's Best Friend

  Mother's Best Friend  Margaret Zimmerman

 I remember Margaret Zimmerman and she was truly Mom's best friend and her husband Everett was Dad's best friend after their move to California.

 We moved to California from Wyoming and Dad worked at his brother in laws Dairy ranch.  Dad and Mom met many nice, neat friendly people.

  In the development of creating new friends they met Everett and Margaret Zimmerman who also had a dairy ranch. I was probably 7 years old when I remember the first distinct  visit to their ranch. I had been there before but this was different. Their oldest son had contracted a very serious illness and was in bed for many months. We  were allowed to go visit with him and read to him a wee bit to pass the time.

  The other visits we had played on a swing and chased the cats and fed the chickens and went out and at times got to bottle feed new calves.  John's sister loved to read and we got along really super great.
We went often after he was well enough so that he would not get bored is what our parents said.

 They had three lovely children whom I thought of as cousin's. We actually saw more of them than our cousins sometimes but they were friends with our cousins and that is how we originally met them.

 The young man that was so ill was at my Mom's Memorial and it made my heart sing. We had buried his parents a long time ago in 1966. A tragic ending to a awesome couple.

 Margaret hosted my first baby shower. She was a stand in Aunt and a super one to pass questions to and to tell me how to share some information with my MOM.

 Ironic as this may sound, they came back and visited MOM after their death and told her not to grieve so,  for they were okay. Mom talked of this in December, hoping she would soon see her again.

 I used to ride with her to see her Sister's family that lived some distance away. Of course her daughter would go with us. We made it a three some. I am hoping to reconnect with the daughter now that I have her address.  They were extended family to us.

 The oldest boy became a Animal Doctor.  His sister a  year or so older than I worked on the newspaper in the city and then married and moved to another state. The youngest boy has passed on long ago.

 But seldom a day goes by that they are not in my thoughts or were in my Mom's thoughts. We did
so much as a family together.  We went to their house to watch Sputnik pass the first time around the
world since we lived so close to ocean thought fog would block the view.  First TV I saw was in their home.  Dad worked in the fields with Everett at hay time and the ladies did the cooking, we children took the food and water to the fields  or called them in for a set down meal. Depending on work conditions as to which happened.

Mom I do not feel ever developed that type of friendship with others. She did have other close friends and one in particular her last 8 yeas of life, but non like the sister that Margaret (Peggy) as her husband called her was.

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