Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rootsweb Mailing List System

How many of you are using the rootsweb mailing list program provided to find information in the area of your research?  Again I gave a small talk about research and posting to the internet via rootslist the information that you may be seeking.  Amazing the blank faces that stared back at me and had not a clue of what a rootslist is.

First let me give thanks to deceased friend John Fuller for creating this great research tool for us to use.
 It came about way back when Brian Leverich had as his and wifes's baby for the genealogical world.  Thanks also to Brian and wife for the whole event.

 You may join an already started list or you may create your on list for: place, name or event. I belong to several that encompass counties and several that cover various surnames. They can cover cemeteries also.

 I use the lists as religiously as I use for information. Alas, some of those sites are hard hit by lack of volunteers to keep them in good shape.  But they cover more in short span from home than trying to dig in book.  O yes, you have to dig in a book, visit a library either from home or on line but they are the building blocks for my steps to answers. is an example of one.

The next step is their message boards, which prompted me to write about them, along with the group of blank faces that had not heard of these places for research tools.

Re: Will / Probate records - Orange - Family History & Genealogy Message Board -

Not every site needs to be a paid site and many non paid sites have fabulous information for a
researching person to glean through.

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