Friday, March 25, 2011

Fearless Females #11- 21

Fearless Females  Tragic or Unexpected Deaths
 Grandfather Lee HOFFMAN's sister Grace Hoffman SCOTT died young, it affected everyone at that time.  I am told Cancer took her. I later learned cancer took more of the family down line. Some very recently.
Please do your Medical Genealogy and save a life.

Fearless Females: Working Girl
 Rachel Plants Hoffman made hats for a side work.  She taught this trade to her daughters.
 Inez Scott Hoffman worked in a Line and Twine in NE when young.
 Mom (Dorothy Inez Hoffman JONES) worked in school cafeteria making sandwiches and sharing time with the students. She loved doing this.

Fearless Females: Moment of Strength
This is tough to choose whom.  I could write a book on the tough females in my lineage.
 Mom for her not dying every time a Doctor told she was going to starting in 1979. 1980 she had a five bypass in four. Was told she had five years to live.  She endured many years beyond with another pass maker changed and other things done.  Doctors would say you are going to die and she kept on living.
Loneliness and disappointment finally took away her strength to continue to live, this Jan 10, 2011.

Grandmother Inez Hoffman for enduring a child hurt playing and after many years of watching him regress, had to put in a home and they lost him when he was 16 or 15.  Mother never allowed us to jump on beds or trampolines due to the injury that caused her to loose her little brother.

Fearless Females: In the News
My Aunt Etta JONES MORELLI MORETTI for having poems and short stories printed in magazines and the Readers Digest.  Also we had a Opera Star and a famous painter in this line of family.

Fearless Females:  Six-Word Tribute.
Victoria Mae (Ida) FOULK JONES NORRIS, Grandmother:  Housekeeper, seamstress, led an interesting life.

Fearless Females: Let's Do Lunch!
 Elizabeth Higgins HOFFMAN ie HUFFMAN, descendant of Pocahontas, and wife of Henry Huffman later changed to HOFFMAN in 1860's. She lived a very interesting life with her sons going to war in the CW and some of her family fighting on the south side. She had apple orchards, and pigs and animals and
She lost four children young or babies.  One son died the day after Christmas preparing to go and propose to his bride to be. After fighting in the CW, saddling a horse had heart attack and did not survive.
 Letter written by his Dad whom was there when it happened gave full account.
 Very hard to loose a child, especially semi grown.
 I suspect we would eat what ever was prepared as I was taught. I learned this family ate many Germanic Dutch English foods.

Fearless Females: Social Butterfly?
 O dear,  Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk, Grandmom's mother. Gadded about more than expected.
 Her daughter IDA, did much social church work when older and retired from working also. Especially since she married a WYOMING Senator.

Fearless Females:  Shining Star
Hannah OEN JONES who was born in Germany and came to America with two sisters and landed in NY and came to ILL. Here she met and married Abraham D Young JR from Maine. She raised his previous children and had more of her own. Brave lady.

Fearless Females: Surprising Fact
 Teague JONES wife was an Indian lady as Granddad had told me. Rahamana found in early Town Council minutes and other sources. Yes, it is sourced.

Fearless Females: Elusive or Brickwall Ancestress
 O,  that is so easy, Susan Madison or Mattison wife of Noyes JONES, b Mass, VT. or ? mar ? in MASS and died in Chickasaw Co. IA area.  One son b in Mass and died around 1855 in NY?
Apparently had a brother George Madison/Mattison. b NY lived one census near them in IOWA.

Fearless Females: Tender Moments
 Distant cousin in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Eva Patterson nee Huffman, sharing time and home with me and family records and pictures. Introduced me to many other sibling down line of Henry and Elizabeth Higgin's Hoffman.  May she rest in peace.
 Distant cousin Helen Huffman Durbin for picking me up at the airport sharing her family and home with me and sharing the development of our web pages.  Our Family Histories  May prayers be offered that she can win the cancer battle she just learned of.

Documentation for data is on this and companion page but needs updated and repaired.

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  1. I have had a great time reading your last two posts. It is amazing how many stories there are out there and this is only a handful of them. Everyone has a story out there. Good job finding them! Just do the DuValls we are mutually related to tie in? That got me wondering after you mentioned the cancer in your family. It makes me want to go research my medical history a little more closely...cousin Susan (still getting a hang of how to post on blogs!)

  2. GGrandfather Franklin C Hoffman who walked behind the wagon coming west with his father Sanford Huffman/Hoffman and wife Rachel Plants Hoffman, married Samantha Abigail DuVall. I suspect they traveled in the same train at the same time. GG Frank was about 13/4 or so when they came to Iowa. Will put a post on her in next series. So good to hear from you.