Saturday, March 19, 2011

Genealogy Event Day in San Diego

  Genealogy was the topic for the day.  I arose early and went way across town to a Genealogy meeting that hosted: Gary Hoffman with Cloud Computing and Barbara Renick about the search engines on the internet and how to use them to our advantage.

 Both events were packed with information for many to enjoy.  I am already a user and it has been in my box of tricks for five years now.  At least that is what my calendar implies.

I loved how Barbara Renick explained that we need to get out of the genealogy box and start looking like an average person hunting for answers.  I seem to find more and more people think that the answer is all in the great word "genealogy banking" areas.

 When I started, I used all the source areas of a Library. I used the map area, dictionary areas for words, history for the background of the area we were hunting in, phone books for information in other areas and if kin may have lived there, resource books about the climate, work ethics and jobs available at various times in the ancestors time line.  Yes this was way back before a computer was ever mentioned.

 I sometimes think we miss so much because we think we have to have a genealogical specific area to learn what we need.

 I loved how Barbara went through the various search engines and then showed us the tricks of getting more out of some of those search engines.

 It was like she re awakened the knowledge stored in the back of my brain and was learned some time back.

The thought was, leave no rock unturned.  That was not mentioned but it was surely implied.

I think maybe we sometimes give up to fast or think it should be where it is not.

They had a great turn out and it also made the cogs turn as to what more needs should be offered in our own local community to assist our budding genealogists or family historians.

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