Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fearless Females in my Family

 I have been attempting to answer this and have decided to do it as duel liners.

 Fearless Female Ancestress
 Pocahontas  of the Powhatan Nation would be my first choice.  She had a very brave and courageous life to live and endure.

 Fearless Female Photograph
  One of my MOM in a bathing suit on a raft at the Dam at my Uncles.  1944.

 Fearless Names I may Share.
 I was to be named Suzanna and the nurse did not know how to do it. Alas parents signed off my  BC and then discovered the nurse put Susan.
 Susannah Jones wife of Noel whom we knew nothing about.
  Susan Madison wife of his son NOEL JONES whom they  did not know about then.
  Great Aunt Susanna FOULK  on my Grandmother on DAD's side they were made aware of after the
 naming. That side of family was happy to say the least MOM said. Parents were not they wanted an unusual name in the family.  I have been unusual all my life. A complete story on it's own.
Fearless Females Marriage Record
 My Grand Mother IDA FOULK  to my Grand Father Carl JONES  in Albert Lea, Minn. Yes, I have it and the story that goes with it.

Fearless Females "How they Met?"
 My mother and my father, met when Mom was culling and washing tomatoes from the garden and Dad rode by on horse to speak to her Dad.  He was moving water in the fields for Granddad.  Her older sis started tomato fight to try and impress my Dad. Mom washed her face with the tomato and was so embarrassed Dad saw the fight.  ( He told me he had already fallen for her weeks before when he first saw her.)  Aunt never had a chance.

Fearless Females  Heirlooms
 The picture of my Grandmother Inez that Granddad had painted when they were early married. A  pin from Grandma's Dress.

  Fearless Females  Favorite Recipe
  A dough she (Grandma Inez Scott Hoffman) used to make many different dishes. Cinnamon rolls, filled pastries, etc. Easiest recipe I have ever used, for pastry.

 Fearless Females  Recipe Journal
 Entire family coveted and shared this journal and I think my Aunt Ruth had it last will have to ask her
daughter if she has it now.
 Mom's Financial Journal with Dad for their life. I hope to inherit to glean information from.

Fearless Females Family Document
Currier and Ives Document filled out by my GGGGrandfather Henry Hoffman about 1869. Mother inherited this beautiful piece of work.

Fearless Females Religion  #10
Religion was a Bible read every night in Mom's home. Church was seldom attended due to distance to a church. Her GreatGrandfather was a lay Minister.

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