Sunday, March 6, 2011

Genealogy Fun Day Is

 Genealogy fun day is every day we at the Chula Vista Genealogical Society get together in either a large group or small group and share our experiences.  My most recent fun day was yesterday at the Escondido Family History Fair.

My first surprise was for a distant cousin whom I have not seen in three years to show up to attend the fair.  Hurray she rode in our car along with our lovely new member that gave me a book on Eastman's a couple months back and Virginia who always gives great ideas and thoughts and much fun in our conversations.

We arrive and more fun comes our way. More of our members show up than we were aware were coming.
 I was able to see old friends and acquaintances in a very short period of time. We all looked for Connie O but we never saw her face.

The talks were all informative and interesting.  Of course you can only attend so many in one day. Twice I had to mentally toss a coin as to which talk I was going to. No doubt that I was going to see Daniel Bartosz
about Native American Indian Research. I have attended his talks for three years now. That is what happens when you have supposedly five Indian tribe lineages.  I have found three and the other two are still so elusive. Spirits will walk one of these days and I will be listening.

It is a very educational and rewarding event to attend.  Wow, would I love to do a day of genealogy like that for our society. Nah, it is more fun to attend that to put on. tee  hee hee.  This was sponsored by the
Family History Center, LDS Church so they can provide space, place and funds for this caliber of speakers. They are also the ones putting records on line by the thousands and upgrading and improving  our method of access to their records.  Thank You for doing that.

 We had a great lunch again handled by the Boy Scouts of America. Hurray Scouts, I have a Eagle Scout son and a Life Scout son. I believe in what the scouting program can do to help our young people grow up.
Thank You Scouts a super lunch.

I spent an hour at our booth sharing time with esteemed cousin Randy S. and met other people and shared time with them.

It was definitely a fun Genealogy day.

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  1. There is a reason the Eagle mom's receive a rose at the Eagle ceremony. EagleScouts do not get there by themselves!!