Friday, March 25, 2011

Fearless Females #21 to end.

Fearless Females -  This is Her Life.
Samantha Abigail DuVall b in Greene Co. (?)PA  was the daughter of  Robert DuVall and Harriett DuVall.  Harriett is the daughter of Jacob DuVall b 1789 in Washington Co. PA d 1864 and Jane Patterson, her father was Rev. Joseph Patterson d in Pittsburg area. Robert DuVall was the son of Eli DuVall and Elizabeth Richey.  Jacob DuVall and Eli DuVall were brothers and their parents were: Alexander DuVall 11 and Abigail Elizabeth Powell.  Alexander DuVall 11 was son of Alexander DuVal   and he was the son of Capt. John DuVall and Elizabeth Jones, who was the son of Maureen DuVall of Middle Plantation.  YES. we found him and it's documented.
I have pictures of them and she was a tiny petite woman and GGDad was  6 '4" and large man went through doors sideways.  She died I am told by family in child birth.  She had only 3 living children: G Uncle Bob, Granddad Cecil Lee and G Aunt Grace whom married Daniel Scott, Cecil's wife's brother.
I have learned she had a heart of gold. She so wanted children and died when Granddad was young.

Fearless Females - Time Line
Well attempted two timelines and did not like either. Much to cluttered to put in a blog.

I wanted to run Elizabeth HIGGINS HOFFMAN's life between birth and death.

Fearless Females - Shared Traits
Seamstresses,  yes many were seamstresses, some were hat makers, some made crocheted quilts, table covers and doilies.  It seems that on Mom's side of the family they were very handy with the hands for crafts and creating and designing things.
 Poets, Authors, Speakers, Singers and Painters  yes we have our share of those too. We inherit those traits from my Dad's side of the family I suspect more so than Mom's but they really all tie in together.
Almost all of my children can write poetry and tear jerking odes.

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