Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Twist on Family Reunion

 Twists on Family Reunions

 Twice this year we have had twists on Family Reunions. I suspect many never labeled these events, Reunions.

   I felt in order to enjoy those who came and those whom shared about life with Mom I would think of it
as a Reunion.  We had a large turn out and both sides of family and it was a reunion of family and friends.
It makes the memories so much nicer to think about.  So the Memorial we held for Mom was my first one this year.

   Sunday we again held a large family event encompassing two families groups. A terrific, successful event I do say. We were at a Baby Shower for our first Great Grandchild to be.

    We shared this event with our grandsons' father's side of the family and his mother's side of the family.
People we had not seen altogether in many years.  So it was a Family Reunion of another type.
 People all shared and brought everyone up to speed on each family.  Since his Dad's had three siblings and his Mom had 4 siblings it was quite an event. Though two were missing due to health and distance.

 I grabbed my camera and fired away so that the baby can look back at this historic first event being held for him and his parents.

  I will include pictures of those missing so the baby will know that he was thought of though they could not be there. Then he will know they were all alive at that time. In Case, Just in case he decides to do his genealogy some day.

 So when you go to a family gathering re think of what you want to remember it as.  I am sure we have many mini reunions and never think of them that way.

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  1. Old photos taught me one thing, write on the back the names of the people.

    I have a lot of old Germany photos of my grandmother and I found a cousin whose mother is still alive and she was able to identify of side of my German family.