Friday, August 12, 2011

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   Working with a Genealogist, Computer programers and others and learning lots of interesting things
    in Google+ chat.

   Google + is going to really be an assistant to genealogists everywhere.

   I have had interactive contact with people from so many countries and so many of them into
   learning about how to do their genealogy.

   This evening prior to the Blogger Radio Show I spoke with a man and his wife from Iceland.
   He shared a beautiful song and it's translation with us. He has his family back four generations but is
   going to be working on his other side soon.  He shared this awesome sight with us for
   Icelandic Genealogists to use.  Because the country is small they can do YDNA and have it  
   on line under a secure code for family researchers to see.  He says he will write up a mini article on
   the link and what it holds.  Because it ties to their SS number and personal data to enter I could only      see main page. But Icelanders that moved away can learn much about their country. Contact me for more

   Having shared chatting time with people from Brazil. Argentina, Peru, Chili, various areas of Mexico
   we have learned more about some of the places to look for information.

   We have chatted with people from Barbados, Puerto Rico, and other islands off of South America.
    I have shared chat with Liam from Ireland and Jacob from Scotland and Sane (female) from
    Mexico. She teaches school.  Many of the people whom come onto the site are educators or
   computer savvy or technical people.

   Moritz has his own company in Germany and speaks awesome English. Would love to speak a tenth
  as good of German as he does English.  Ditto for the gentleman from Scotland with an awesomely
  great sounding brogue.

   Oh, yes I have met men and women from Italy, Pakistan, Kurdistan,  Ethiopia, Israel, Turkey, China,
   Japan.   Great chatting with the people in Australia and New Zealand.

   I am sharing food recipes with a man and his family in Brazil. Very tasty I must say. It seems their food
   really is not that different from ours.

   I have met teachers from almost all these countries or computer people of some form. Yes, it is exciting
   to learn how many people around the world can speak English well enough we can understand them.'

   It tells me what I have always thought that our children should be learning a second language from grammar school forward. If other countries can do it so can we.

   Having been with the longest HangOut on Record it has been very educational.

   What I like about it, is the circles. For Genealogists than can be like a file cabinet or note book or sleeve where you separate the names into folders.  Family members of the Smiths in one circle, researchers of Canada another circle, or break it down closer to ie Toronto.
  Clubs and societies can break it into board members, working groups, and members on the whole.

  I have already met two new cousins doing this, met a new acquaintance from San Diego and many from all over the USA.  Texas, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, California
and Maine.

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