Saturday, August 27, 2011

Surname Saturday---- Found blogger's & Genealogists via Google+

As I am working on the Longest Hang Out on Google+, I have met more than 150 genealogists from around the world.

Some of these people are American's in other places. Many are peoples of other lands that speak English,
and share their knowledge with me. Some do not speak English but we use Google Translator to communicate.

It has been an exciting adventure and a major learning experience for me.

 I am wanting to tell you what Iceland is doing for their country and their genealogists families.

 I want to share with you the delving in Mexico and in France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland,
 the Netherlands, Ghana, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Russia, Poland, Cambodia, China( albeit a different name), Ireland, Scotland, England, Portugal, Palestine, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the list goes on.

Some are just starting, some have already written books and want to know about publishing. I think they are in the right place to learn about publishers.  We have shared the types of programs we use whether we are P C or MaC users.

It is amazing the little countries that I have heard from doing research, Kenya and Ghana, and a couple more small countries in Africa. I can not even remember all the names.

 I will share our Icelandic friends are so lucky. I will do a separate blog on what I learned about them.

 Many in England and border regions of those countries, have awesome tales to tell. They share freely and

  I look forward to when we may have a room for genealogists to hang out in and chat from around the

  With this being the LONGEST HANGOUT on Google+ we have been on around the clock for
  38 days 21 hours and 28 minutes and 54 seconds right now.  There by we are meeting and greeting
  people from around the world. We catch them going to bed and we catch them getting up.

 I am swapping recipes with a family in Brazil. Hoping to master my Spanish pronouciation better with Sane from Mexico.  Sharing lots of data with Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Finland, and the list goes on.

More to come..

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