Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday--- Google +

Google +

Yes, I am thankful for the invitation that Brian L sent me to wander around and join the  google+ chat
that Mark Olsen is spearheading.
Tonight we marked the 16th day and hours counting.  Someone is always in the room. Many are people from all around the world.

Tonight we were discussing how many people from around the world were in the room at once.
The room holds ten guests. They run a  Stream so people can hear the dialogue and be aware from out of the room.
Normally we seem to have at least one Canadian, one Australian, one from the UK in and out of the room with people all over America coming in. So it runs about half Americans and half from other regions of the world.

Communication has been fun and interesting. Only the gentleman from Iceland had trouble saying hello. He did wave and smile.  The flag he showed told us where he was from.  My hope is we can break some barriers that society has set up and learn to share more about each other.

We surmised that we had at least 20 countries represented in probably five days or less.
 I recall, Asia, Japan, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Bahama's
Bermuda, Jamaica, French Canada ie Quebec, , Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland and many of the attendees have come back many times and some only come back once in a while.

Some have become regulars and their knowledge is so refreshing to hear as they speak.  We have had talks on many subjects and I tend to ask Genealogical Questions and of course, I get to answer many genealogical questions.

As a Genealogist these rooms can be a great asset. We can do a topic at a time with small groups and really cover the topic well I think. I have attempted to keep track of how long the room with ten people in it can stand the topic of genealogy.  Amazing many of them are very interested or wanting to learn and intrigued by what they can learn from what their ancestors did.

If each person shares where they are from and what they know about their family it would cover an hour easily. It is interesting to see how  different we are but how alike we are.

Come join us in the chat room, if you can get in.  I do not make it daily because it has become such a hot place to check in and say hi.

The chat room is called a hangout on google. Here is the link.
Google Hangouts

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