Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday---Cousin's Horatio N Mattison

   Mattison----- Madison---------  Petersburg, Renselaer Co. NY

Cousins comments were:
Thanks... have never found his parents...he and Abigail had eight children , all born in new york , then went to nebraska

Name:Horatio N Mattison
[Horatio N Matteson] 
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1817
Birth Place:New York
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):Harford, Cortland, New York
Family Number:1496
Household Members:
Horatio N Mattison33
Abigail E Mattison30
George W Mattison8
Amy S Mattison3
Abigail E Mattison1
wife name same but children not same but could be moving west.
  Believe next census shows it's him.

Name:Horatio Madison
[Horatio Matteson] 
Age in 1860:43
Birth Year:abt 1817
Birthplace:New York
Home in 1860:Harford, Cortland, New York
Post Office:Marathon
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
Horatio Madison43
Eliza Madison40
George W Madison18
Amy S Madison13
Esther A Madison10
Charles N Madison8
Ella Madison4/12

Now they are in Nebraska
Name:Horatio Matteson
Birth Year:abt 1817
Age in 1870:53
Birthplace:New York
Home in 1870:Lincoln, Washington, Nebraska
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
Horatio Matteson53
Abigail E Matteson50
Charles N Matteson17
Ella Matteson10
Georgia A Matteson6
 1870  Nebraska

1880 I already sent: HE is living with daughter Amy and her family James Ostrander age 63 no mention of the others. wife  is gone
As one can see the name keeps moving.  Since my Madison came from same area of Petersburg New York
I suspect we should do close checking our lines for a connection.  I see a George in your line

 Wondering if Horatio could be sibling of my Susan?  Anything is possible.


  1. Susi.. my cousin was working on this line, but no longer doing any research due to serious illness. At the time he quit, he had no other information on Horatio, so could possibly have some connections to your line.

  2. Hi Susi, I'm researching George W Matteson, Horatio's son. Would you have any information on his wife Mary A. Vincent?

  3. HI Ellie,
    I am sorry I have been up down and in and out with family between here and Michigan. Slowly catching up after I went to Grand Rapids to meeting and learned more information. I do not think their information fits but DAR says yes. I know that Madison was a next door on one census in 1870? then gone... It somewhere I dug up was her brother but didn't like IOwa and west and went back to NY, VT??

  4. DAR and SAR Records show another Mattison Madison as father. A new blog posted Jan 20, 2020. With sources and confirmation. I am sure they were related, just more to learn.
    Susi Jones Pentico