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Follow Friday -----More Huffman/Hoffman Report

 More Huffman/ Hoffman Report

Having left in the middle of the story some non identified people  I thought I should add them here.

Henry Huffman dcd winter 1811 probate 1812 Jan had marriage to Mary Prather/Provator, she had a child.
A female. Many think she is first husband's child but there is mini data out there that she is Henry's daughter. They even had a major situation over land when she was an adult. Which was before he died.

After the parting of the ways between Henry and Mary he went to the Berkeley VA area and found a new woman to start a family with.  ( that topic is a story of it's own.)

Catherine (Catrouch) Fry became his consort and these children were born in VA: Nancy whom mar a Stewart, Phillip 1784 VA, female, Jacob 1797,
born in Pennsylvania Joseph b 1801( Helen's line), m Sarah Hunt
 Henry b1803 (my line) m  Elizabeth HIggins da of Joseph Higgins and Mary Henderson(?)Higgins
female, Reason m to Mary Jewell1805.  We believe we are missing at least one more daughter.( another story)

Abraham Fry is Catrouch father. Family implies her mother was Indian and there for no marriage record to be found. ( I have not delved into this matter yet).

So we know he had two families proven. Rumor implied he had earlier family before Mary P.Total conjecture at this point in my files.  But his age implies it was very possible.

Also the area was originally known as Westmoreland Co when the first records of them being in area surface. This was later changed to Washington Co when it was created.  Again at the creation of Greene
 County the family is now in another area.  Yes they moved around with in these earlier areas.

I have a land Deed with JOHN HOFFMAN on it in my possession. This being as near as my studies tell me would have to be the father, not the son John. It is a very large document, very old, very brittle almost.

Henry's brother George died a few years later and they both owned land in Ohio at the time of their deaths.
It is believed that the brother Jacob had land in Ohio and was already living there. not proven.

Nancy, Philip, Jacob(?) all had moved to Ohio by the 1820's. Remembering this land was now in full possession of the Pennsylvanians and they did not want to live in PA and were true Virginians.

Many of their cousins had already moved into Ohio and some into Kentucky.

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