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Wordless Wednesday-(not)-----Henry HOFFMAN- Elizabeth H.

This is an early picture of Henry and Elizabeth Higgins HOFFMAN.  Henry was born and went to school using the name Huffman as the family had done for several years. But many years later, a child of his came home from school with information that HUFFMAN did not exist in Germany and the correct spelling was HOFFMAN.  He immediately changed his spelling to be able to get just his mail, not his cousins, nephews and other relatives using same name in his area. I have copy of letter in my files.

Henry was born 29 October 1803 in Greene Co. Pennsylvania, his father was Henry HUFFMAN mother Catrouch FRY(Catherine).
Elizabeth Higgins was born 16 May 1809 supposedly Greene Co. PA her father Joseph HIGGINS
mother probably was Mary HENDERSON. partial proven would love more data.

Henry and Elizabeth moved around a bit within the county. Henry was raised in the northern area near Washington Co. and they was in Aleppo area the last years.

Her father was near West Virginia border, sorta flexing back and forth.

Henry died 15 Sept 1879 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA  He designed a spiral staircase never used before that stood until 1992.  I have the newspaper clipping. It was a freestanding staircase. He lists himself a farmer on the census, But if you read his letters, he build barns, bridges, churches, houses and this unique

She is a descendant of Richard Higgins from England and a descendant of Pocahantus through the Stout line married into the Higgins line.

Married 9 April 1826 Greene Co. Pennsylvania

The parents of 14 living (known) children. 2 died very young.  I descend from the son Sanford

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  1. Joan Huffman LeberAugust 17, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    I already have that picture, don't remember where I got it. didn't know about the spiral staircase. He is a distant relative of mine, but haven't worked out how right now. Have been doing lots of genealogy lately,on Ancestry. Helping my sister-in-law and daughter-in-law with theirs. Enjoyed your article on Henry & Elizabeth
    Joan Huffman Leber