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Surname Saturday----FOLK-- FOULK --FULK--FAULK

I have John FOLK dcd 1793 in Greenwich, Berks, PA, US

b 1740 PA American GEnealogical- Biographical Index vol 56 pg 89
He also served in Rev War.  In Pa Archives Series.

I have his Will and names of his children if Will is inclusive.
John married Mary Magdeline STROCK in Philadelphia ? 1765? in box have to retrieve data from box. Was in a marriage book for Pennsylvania.
 Side Bar:  Mary Magdline had a brother Philip STROCK who lived in Cumberland Co. PA at the time of her marriage and some people say she was born in Cumberland  Co. PA. So how come she was in Philadelphia and met John is an un answered question.
She shows in Tyrone Cumberland Co PA after John's death. They did live in Berks Co. PA.

We surmise not yet proven that Peter FOLK was John FOLK's father. John had several siblings we are still tracking down. I think a cousin in Philadelphia sent me a book that has more answers to the puzzle.'
Just need to prove the link.

Their son Peter FOLK /FOULK Sr b June 1773*
 dies 4 April 1823 Rye Township, Perry Co. PA. ( old Cumberland Co. area)

 Peter's Will p 97 vol A Perry Co. PA

Wife Catherine OHLINGER(?) Indian
 b 12 July 1774 Bucks Bucks Co PA.

 d 7 June 1855 Rye, Perry Co. PA, US
Proven list of children:
Sarah Elizabeth (Jane)*
Peter Jr.* and Sarah Elizabeth* are both my ancestors.

Peter b 25 Jan 1803 Perry Co. PA  marries Susan (Susanah)Martin SHOWALTER b 9 Dec 1805/6
Martindale, Lancaster Co. PA
Peter dies 13 Aug 1885 age 82   Susanah as family knew her died 3 May 1886 Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. IA, US

Sarah Elizabeth (Jane)  b 28 July  1813 Perry Co. PA, US dies 21 Mar 1860
Sarah (Jane) marries John MYERS who was born in Dauphin Co. PA ( birth not conclusive for date)
Bible has one record but it is not written in the first hand. church records say earlier. The earlier date
makes sense of the mess but not proven.
It is suspected when John dies suddenly in Illinois that family came together at death and added data to the Bible pages from memory.  He died of lightening strike hoeing his onion field. Only been in ILL
a short time.  Some children still lived in PA.

These two lines married a MYERS and a FOULK.  The Myers Mother was a FOULK.

Reading the trees on Ancestry and WORLD drive me crazy. One can not source by using someone elses tree. Census, Will, Land, probate, Bible records work.

It also looks like we interlink again with kin that must be interrelated in  Somerset Co. PA because
Grandma's Grandfather was born there as they came to ILL then IA.

Betsy I am sure wanting to find the link between the book and the family. With my files you can see the
potential for being kin. I wish we hadn't of lost Jean she was so sharp on some of these.

Carolyn  we have some problems popping up in some of the researches work. NO it is not my fault but
it can sure create people to go off in wrong directions, so hope can resolve.

Remember the book at LDS I told you about years ago. Betsey sent me book that seems to show
how they went there but this one does not go back as far as the one at LDS did.

FOULK FOLK FAULK FULK researchers in PA VA MD OH ILL IA etc  a very big  chance we are same family. Our line is PA to OH, ILL  and IA and WYO, CA, AZ and all over.

We know one brother went to MD was killed and  another brother went each fall to take
goods to his surviving family.  I have story but do not want to share all here.

Betsey's book she shared shows this line. At least the way I read it, it is same line have to find that note.

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  1. Susi--

    I have discovered that my Great-Uncle [surnamed Fox] is related to the Fowke/Foulke/Folk/Fooks/Ffoxe/Fox family!

    I was browsing through Ancestry's PA records and found a reference to a MARY FOULK who married a JOSEPH MIRES [sic]. A relative, perhaps?

    See the page at:

    Come to GW! We nned to talk!! :D ;)