Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sentimental Sunday or Sunday is Fun Day

  Good morning world, the day started early with a text from my daughter in law in Utah.
I so wanted to be there to surprise her and see our family.  Instead  I am up before the birds, consoling me

 I have been attempting new adventures in the genealogical world of late. Suspecting that nothing stays stable and change is always on the horizon, my adventures will soon take a new turn I have a feeling.

 We have a large genealogical society but we have few working members. We have tried many things to pull members in.  We have been a success in that manner but to get them involved has become an
interesting sidebar.

We have many older members that have served their time in capable positions and are ready to set back and let new members take life on.  My feelings are we are missing some key point.  Part of it seems to be we are letting time slide through our fingers after the initial relationship is made.

Another new adventure about to be launched is a different twist on a blog page for people whom I have met throughout the world on Google+.

Interesting how we in America talk and discuss Genealogy and many other areas in the world it is a rather,
I suspect novel and unknown thing to do. Ironically, Europe and Asia kept track of their lineages long before we were even created into a country.

So as things seem to come full circle, a new adventure is about to unfold for me. It does not help my soul whom wants to be in SLC area seeing my grandsons and son and daughter in law.  It is really only about a 14 hour drive. Alas it will not be.

Today the CVGS Society has a panel of Genealogical Societies in San Diego area presenting their groups advantages and offerings. It should be fun and interesting. Bonita Library 4375 Bonita Road, Bonita, Ca
91902,  1 to 3 P M

Hope to see you there.

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