Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mondays Mix --Tuesday Fix

Monday's Mix, Hopefully it will be a Tuesday Fix.

I posted a dilemma on the FOLK FOULK etc lineage.  A cousin quickly responded with data to clear up some of the confusion now if the other researchers work with us maybe we can get the rest of the links straightened out. I have some data to share with others also.

I did most of the data search in the days before computers. Lots of actual paper files: Land, Will, Church, family letters etc.

So my day of Mix slowly becomes a Tuesday Fix.  Nance I think your line is in book Betsey sent  me.
I have to take time to sort and realign that data with our data to verify. It will take some time.

So today seems fine.

Also attended the CVGS Picnic at the Bonita Library. Highland Games were played and Linda Seaver won. Then I visited Virginia and she is doing well, Rehab is working.

Came home to a great BBQ Steak dinner and worked  more on this Folk-Foulk- Fulk- Faulk

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