Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Heirlooms #6 Week Abundant Genealogy

Family Heirlooms  #6 Week Abundant Genealogy

 Interesting topic, since the loss of my Mother  this last year our heirlooms have changed.

 I say over all, Heirlooms that mean the most are: letters, pictures, bibles, ancient family charts, and then
 embroidered quilts, and hanging prints with family data.

 Secondarily, would be the dishes, or tools or tablecloths,  that the family of the past had used and we were familiar with and brings back fond memories.

 Ironically, the most memorable heirloom would be one's memories of the people of the past.

 As Genealogists are we recording their lives or just their data.  Does your research help you to learn
 that Great Great Aunt Maggie had a major squabble with the school board? Her husband was stoned on the way home by someone above them on the hill. Two weeks later of intense screaming in pain the man finally died and left her a widow and 2 children to raise.  I guess the man couldn't hit everyone on the way home so picked on Thomas.

 What about your past as a youth or young parent? Have you recorded any of it? What about your
 husband was he in Korea, or any of the more current skirmishes or wars? Have you recorded this information for your children and grandchildren?

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  1. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of these things, Susi. Sometimes I wonder why I'm spending so much of my life recording the lives of ancestors for an audience I'm not certain will ever care. I just try to remind myself that some of my most precious heirlooms are the pieces of paper, notebooks and information stored in a folder that helped me know my ancestors. When I got these treasures, I really didn't care much about them. Maybe a descendant will have a similar experience.