Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday---- Mom's Relative Came to Visit

Thankful Thursday---- Mom's Relatives Came to Visit

Yes, a Thankful Thursday day.  A cousin and his wife dropped in to visit from out of state.
 We shared a nice five hours or so chatting about family past, family present and family future.

 Family is always good to see, we shared pictures as they left so we can have for remembering
 down the road.

 We are not the teenagers of yesterday, but not the oldest of old, of the future but it is coming.

  We talked cars, residences, fun events of the past and even took  a car ride across town in the
   middle of it.  The comment was: "wow,""the area has sure changed".

   Yes, It seems nothing stays the same.  If you live it daily you seldom notice the change but
   slip away for awhile and then you can see the differences on your return.


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