Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two Degrees of Separation

I love this one. It should be lots of fun.

 Thanks Dad for taking me to Wyoming often to see relatives.

I met my Maternal Grandmother Inez Scott Hoffman, her brother Walter Scott, her Sister Fern Scott m to Jasper Hampton,  her brother Daniel Scott. We visited in all these peoples homes. I know many of the children down line from each line. Grandmother Inez and her brother Daniel Scott were married to Cecil Lee Hoffman and Grace Hoffman siblings. Uncle Harrison Scott, lived in Ft. Collins. Co.  Grandma and her siblings knew her Grandparents John Scott ( b 1817 Ky d 1900 Harrison, MO) and Rebecca Morrow SCOTT (b 1821 Mercer Co.KY d Iowa m Iowa 1841). Inez father was Cornelius Scott b 1856 Moravia, IA died 4 Dec 1918 Lenox. IA. Her mother was Ella WARDEN b 1862 Polk Co. IA and died 1918 Moravia, IA.

On Dad's side I can do better: I met my Grandmother (Victoria Mae Foulk JONES NORRIS) in fact she lived with us for several months, I met and visited with several of her siblings and I knew her Mother. Last husband was Senator for Wyoming. Charles Norris. Yes, I even met him.

Great Grandmother Margaret Mae EASTMAN FOULK ARCHER  1874- 1958 died the spring of my graduation from High School. Mom always made us write our family since we were in California and the family was in Wyoming or Iowa.  We went to Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico to visit with family every few years. Grandma Margaret Eastman Foulk Archer held me when small and saw me after I was older. They even had a trip to Ca.  She married Mr. Archer when I was a teenager.
or just about teenager. Pictures in boxes here.

I really mean that Grandma  JONES NORRIS lived with my husband and I and our children in this house for several months at different times. She stayed with us in the 60's in Coronado, also. I met all of my  Paternal Grandmother's siblings but the one they buried when she was very young. I have a Great Aunt whom is still alive in Wyoming.  I have one Uncle alive on Mom's side in Wyoming.

She was in her late 90's when she passed in Wyo.  Her mother lived in Waterloo, Ia.

Our Grandson met and knew his Great Grandmother Pentico whom lived with us her last three years of her life.  We had four generations in our home, more than once with various family lines.

Grandson born 1996 mother born 1970 Me born 1940, Mom Born 1920.

Grandson born 1996, mother born 1970, grandfather born 1935, great grandmother born 1911.

Myself 1940, Dad 1913, Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk JONES NORRIS 1897-1988, Margaret Mae Eastman 1874-1958, whom knew her mother Lydia Trowbridge  EASTMAN 1841-unknown). Etc

My Grandfather Cecil Lee Hoffman b 1891 Moravia IA was taken to Pennsylvania to meet his family by his father Franklin Hoffman b  1860 Greene Co, PA and son of Sanford Hoffman(Huffman)b 1834 Greene Co, PA, son of Henry Huffman(Hoffman)b 1803 Greene Co Pa.
He met his father's Uncles and Aunts that did not live in IOWA.

Grandma Ida JONES NORRIS lived with Mom and Dad when I was home with oldest son,
So again four generations under the same roof.

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