Thursday, February 16, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday

Treasure Chest Thursday  Reviewing Information

A great day for this  topic. Being of go getter personality at times, so I am told, yesterday was a day of rest.

One of the greatest things that could have happened. Spent time reviewing my files and genealogy program.

It was a treasure  trove of  information that was within the files. Items sent when  I was to busy to deal with, were tucked away here and there and all over different note pages.

At least they are no longer tucked in folder after folder of random information that may or may not apply to the family line.

It appears having my own filling system can be hazardous at times. Yet I am told the method that works for you the best is the one to follow.  Go Figure.

Upon doing a few hours of review,  reminded me that I had some catching up to do with my program.
Fortunately, the time let me get a good share of it completed.  I even went to census pages and other areas to get more back up sources.

Having always encouraged people to take the month of January and set it aside to do a review of what you need and what you have, thinking I had done this quite well it was a surprise that within my genealogical program I had not done this.

Having reviewed folders and pictures and sorting and compiling things in order I had thought I was done.

So if you haven't stopped and looked at the blanks in your genealogy program maybe you may find some information you forgotten you had recieved.

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  1. I always find something new which I overlooked when I reorganize or rather try to organize my genealogy files. I'm not the greatest at organization.

    Regards, Jim