Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thriller, Those Places Thursday

  Thriller, Those Places Thursday

When you are tired do you get silly?  Here is what I wanted to post tonight.
 Thankful, Thrifty, Thriller, Those Treasure Chest Places Thursday.

 Yes, I can complete all on one topic and one event, in one place at one time in the year 1993.
  Staying at my cousin Eva Patterson's home, we were deep into genealogical hunts, data and chasing
  information all over the Waynesburg area. We visited Windy Gap Cemetery, much of family is there.
  We visited two more cemeteries not far from there before we went home that day.
   We cousins got together again after supper and we continued our hunting conversation until about 4
    in the morning.  Chuckling at how the spry 80+ year olds were burying me with no sleep.

   They were not even yawning.  We had lots of good talk, hot cocoa and cookies. It must have been all  
    that sugar.

   One cousin's daughter was my age and she had the next day off from work so around 9 a m we
   started on with research again. We covered where her Grandparents and  GreatGrandparents had
   She showed my Great Great Uncle Brice's burned out home and the new one he built across the
    He was one of Sanford's older brothers. Reason lived not far from him also within walking distant in
    those deep hills and forested domain. He was another older brother.  She was from their sister Mary
    the oldest of the children. Her Mom was mid 80's then.

     Having been looking for the picture I took of the trees growing up through the home because it was
     standing after all these years. Nigh on a hundred to be exact.

     Zenia showed many other ancestors homes and some current cousins homes as we toured the
     countryside.  Yes, her Mom and our other cousins were with us.

     That evening we retired several hours earlier than the night before but it was still near 11 p m.
      I woke around 3 am when I heard a conversation.  I thought my cousin was calling me.
      I looked out the window at the street lights and slowly turned toward the foot of the bed  near the
     door to my cousins room.

      Standing at the foot of the bed was, Grandfather Henry Huffman and his daughter, in a heated
     discussion as to whether they should tell me something. They argued for a very long time.
     I feared to move for they would leave. Finally I got the impression he had won the battle and he said
     " We need to leave now, we are disturbing her and she is here to help us," I will never forget that
     moment.  I waited a few minutes to make sure they were gone and went to my cousins' room.
       I asked if she had heard the conversation.  She said someone talking had wakened her.
      It was almost 4 am now. We got up and I got pencil and paper and wrote what I heard and saw and
      we shared tea and toast.  I still think the daughter floated through the walls and Henry disappeared
      at the top of the stairs.

     This was our ancestor Henry Huffman b abt 1740 and dcd winter of 1811-12. Will probated
     Jan 1812.

      That was my Thankful, Thrifty, Thriller, Those Treasure Chest Places Thursday. You know
      it also happened on a Thursday.
      I oftened wondered if the land beneath the house had been his at one time. We have never found
      Henry Huffman's grave but he lived in Morris township when he was a younger married man.

      Did Henry impart any information to me?  You will have to wait and see.


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