Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wednesday's Wisdom

 Wednesday's Wisdom or maybe not. I have signed up to do the Family History Writing Challenge.
  Being presented by Lynn Palermo at, The Armchair Genealogist  site.

  If you like to write or need to write down data you have been procrastinating about this may be what you need to get it on paper so it is not lost.

 Remember we need to write down all them crazy and non crazy stories we heard growing up and our parents sharing with each other.  Generally in each one you find a shred of truth.

 I have done this before but it has been more than  ten years so I am anxious to see how much more
can be added to the story with the additional research I have done. Or the additional Research that family members have done and shared.

 As I stated weeks ago many of us start as Family Historians and later find they wish they had a degree in

 I just find the courses are prohibitive in cost at this time for me to continue what I started.  It is my hope to complete two I started long ago next year.  

 So if you can afford a course to further your goals take one, if not at least consider doing the writing challenge to share with your kin.

Here I am going east to learn of family. Flying into the sun was marvelous picture scenes.

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