Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorting Saturday among other Thoughts

Sorting Saturday among other thoughts fits the way my mind is rolling.  I saw that Geneabloggers mentioned another person doing Greek research.  I wonder if they know how few, it seems, are doing Greek research and maybe it would be nice to do a series via nationalities to help each other locate each other for research help.

Having a friend on Google+ that is Greek and doing research I am sure he would appreciate help from fellow/like researchers.

Ten years ago I met a family from the Azores, that was doing research. I worked with them for 8 years and it would have been awesome to have paired them with someone else.  They experienced much tragedy and have not heard from them for quite some time.

Would a day of discussing how different nations relate to death be a good topic? I thought it was religious based but am learning it is not totally a religious based concept. Look at the Day of the Dead for Mexico.

Halloween in the United States which means Holy Evening and was meant to scare the bad spirits away from those that died. It has almost completely lost it's original interpretation.

May Day I loved May Day and what it meant as a youth, but today it is not mentioned because of the political implications. Nor am I ashamed of my supposed Russian heritage.

Sorting through my thoughts I decided to post them and hopefully get some response on ideas to help fellow genealogists on their journey.

Last thought as it rolls away is, if you missed last nights episode of WDYTYA, I feel it was the best show they ever put on. It gave so many clues to help a researcher. I hope you can catch it as a rerun and realize the many many clues it gave us.

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