Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

 I am so thankful that I was able to share time with a genealogy friend and help her with her research.
 She volunteered to be at the library and assist at events and was a positive image for new members.
  Rest in Peace Phyllis L

   I am so thankful that I found Mom's cousin, my cousin as a neighbor to my husband's family in Iowa.
   We shared many family stories and swapped pictures and worked on the family tree as a family.
    I was looking forward to visiting her this summer and seeing my husband's family and sharing more of
    families information.  Rest in Peace Joan L.

   Thankfully, my cousins journey is over and her pain is gone. I received an email this morning around
    eleven implying that she had crossed to the other side and was no longer in pain. We lost her husband
    a year ago in January.  He was an awesome photographer and friend. He was my Myer's cousin on
    my Dad's side.  They came to California years ago and toured up the coast and back across the USA.

    Their granddaughter came to Olympic Training Center for Training a few years back and Mary and I
     shared her spare hours by showing her around the community. We had lots of fun times with the
     granddaughter and talked to her Mom and her Grandmom often in that two week period.

     Granddaughter came back in a major bike event at the Veladrome near Balboa Park and I took
     pictures and supported her in her endeavors.  She is a college graduate by now.

     I just spoke to the daughters and they are holding up okay they say.  I have walked the path
     they walked and it is not an easy journey.  My heart is sad for we won't be sharing family data
     and crazy tidbits like before.  But it is hoped the girls will keep in touch and share as their lives move
     on.  One is into rock work like my son and the other is the mother of the granddaughter.
     She stopped to see my son once on her driving way home.  They had lots of neat rocks near their
     Mom's home in Connecticut. She lives amongst the rocks here west of the Rockies.
     Rest in Peace Jan M.

     God I am truly thankful to have known these people.

     Also we are most thankful that our niece survived a roll over accident in Iowa with no major
     damage but the loss of the car.


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