Friday, February 17, 2012

My Favorite Library to Haunt- Abundant Genealogy

My Favorite Library to Haunt

My favorite Library to Haunt is a list of libraries. It depends where I am as to which Library I would want to seek.

My first favorite is the library in Greene Co Pennsylvania by the Cornerstone Clues group. The Genealogical library is attached to the regular library.  Their resources are massive and after ten days I had still felt like I had only touched the tip of the iceberg.

The staff being fellow genealogists were absolutely the best. I am still "chomping at the bit" to get back to that library. Air fare is very reasonable right now. I have other obligations so the trip is still on hold.

Locally, our books in our Chula Vista Library on 4th and F St. (main library) has a wealth of information that I learned our own members hardly use. The lack of use probably cost us to loose all the phone books we had acquired over the years and given the library. I had families send the old books to me as new ones were made so we had access to that area for data.  Having sat two Wednesday nights a month for over a year to offer to help researchers and new people. I can say this is a very un used wealthy source of material.  Genealogists do not forget to look in the Reference section of the library if it has one. Who's Who's and many other topics.

My favorite library on the west coast at this time is the Los Angeles City Library. It has an entire floor for genealogy. It is absolutely awesome.

We have other super great libraries in the area: Carlsbad City Library, Coles Section, San Diego Genealogical Society Library off Clairemont Mesa on Ronson Rd. is also a great source for library information. Almost forgetting the Latter Day Saints Library in Mission Valley has lots of data also and accessible to order films. They have trouble giving books away I am working on and not know where they went. Books to me are more vital than films.  I just have old old lines that are more in books and not yet filmed.

I have been to other large libraries but for some reason the lay out and access was frustrating for me.

 I just wonder if I ever get to New York if a library  near where I need to do research could equal up to what I was exposed to in Greene Co. PA.

Thanks again. Cornerstone Clues people.

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