Friday, February 3, 2012




1/2 cup of sugar
1    cup of flour
1    cup cornmeal
butter size of egg ( I found medium egg size best not large)
 1    cup sweet Milk
 1    egg
 2   tsp baking powder
 1   pinch of salt

  mix dry and then semi melt butter add to milk and beaten egg.
  mix together and pour into greased 8 x 8 pan

  400* degrees  until done  I use a toothpick.

  I have the names of the ladies whom submitted this information written in the book.


  This is from the Ebell  Society of Santa Ana Valley 1926

   I picked this up at a garage sale in 1963 in National City.  We tried the several cornbreads and husband liked this best.  Years later in1970 we buy our home. Our neighbor's Mothers' best friend, was the original owner of this book. I met and shared lunches with her several times prior to her death. My neighbor took care of her after she lost her own mother.  So we shared many hours. I finally one morning realized Blanche was the Blanche signed in the cookbook. I came home took it next door and she was so thrilled I had bought it, all those years before. This was about 1975-6.
She shared with me the recipes her family liked the best also.   Some are individually marked in the book.

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