Monday, February 13, 2012

Interesting Thought Regarding Family Records Mystery Monday

Interesting Thought Regarding Family Records

As I was filling in the blanks that do not show on my current genealogical program since I am unable to get the old PAF for Mac open, a thought  flit through my mind.

One, I had three times as much on some lines on my PAF For Mac. Of course, I have much more on lines that I have broken Brick Walls on the newer program.

Some data was given first hand on the old program and they are now deceased.  Since the topic of degree of generations you may have touched came up, I have really had to give this great thought.

I knew my Great Grandmother, she shared letters and data with myself and my Mother over the years.
That is all first hand source she did it and lived it and now is Dead. The same applies with both sets of my Grandparents, both paternal and maternal lines. Information also again applies since they are now gone.
Again, data shared by parents that lived and breathed the information shared are both now gone.

Now I am seriously considering creating another program and see if I like it.  Alas, what does one do with first hand information of now deceased family members. No one said then they had to write a book of their life for us to use in our research.  For me some of my documentation the US Government lost when we moved. Fortunately, they did not loose my written data regarding what was in all those letters and cards and pictures. Yes, I even lost letters my husband wrote to me the first years we were married. GRRRRR.

So I went to the current program I am using and was checking what sources I had put up and shared on Ancestry to a degree.

I was also amazed to see I have some blanks that should not be, alas need the PAF for MAC to open.

Secondly, the degree of separation with knowledge of the previous line is probably a weird topic for most.
It would apply to my Mother in Law because she was born after her Dad died.  The link to the past on her Dad's side was broken but she knew, his siblings and parents so was it broken?

No she never knew the sound of his voice or the feel of his touch, but she learned of it from her Mother and her siblings. I as a daughter in law, learned of this man from the things she shared that they taught her.

Physically, the link is not broken due to genetics but the personable side can be tweaked, lost or destroyed by how the human handles, adoptions, deaths and all the encumbering events of life.

I think that is another reason I liked Dick Eastman's comments on family is family not in steps and stages but family.

Reading about early family life in the 1600's, 1700's gives complete different context to what we are thought of as family today.  Even our explorer's commented on how much the same we and the Natives were alike in many family traditions. As we know we have all changed how we look at family, community and life.

A degree of separation then and the being able to reach back because even more complex than
previously stated.

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