Friday, March 5, 2010

Saturday's Adventures

Today has been a whirl wind day. We were blessed with a quick surprise Birthday for our oldest daughter, her son and his fiancee', & our oldest son and his family minus the swimmer, :>) this evening.

I went to pull up my banjo to take with me in the morning for Jean Hibbens and alas I can not figure where we moved it at Xmas time to make room and keep it from damage.

I found the other musical instrument but not my banjo. I tend to be on the leaner side of musical talented part of the family. One child said," BANJO what is a Banjo.?"
Ironic my husband played drums and I have played a Trumpet, Coronet, French Horn, bells, glokinspeel? harmonica, guitar, and banjo. O Dad taught us how to play spoons as youngsters when they would play harmonica, guitar and fiddle as a group.

As far as I can tell one grandson learned to play the saxophone, 3 learned piano, one attempted guitar and I hear another talks about playing guitar but have not seen him play yet.

So I will go with out my banjo to Escondido, to the Family History Fair and
just bring my Squeeze box with me.

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  1. Banjo is better. But that's just me. I hope ou can find it when you get back.