Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sentimental Fun Days


O many days are sentimental fun days, watching the Awards tonight reminded me of when
we watched it some years ago and the top picked to win was sidelined also, though I
heard that Avatar and Hurt Locker would be the two closest to win.

I have not seen one of the new movies mentioned but thought several worthy of potential-
ly seeing. I sorta gave up on them in a theater and the noise so loud it drowns out the
vocabulary they are saying. Noise does not make a good movie. It is the people them
selves and the script and scenes put together that make it work right.

We did start something new tonight by having a female win in Director category.
Many new faces were given honors in many areas that have not won before. Maybe they
should run them early always in the future.

I loved to go to the movies as a youth, it was a special time for us. We lived in the
country and we did not have tv so a trip to the theater to see ALAN LADD, JOHN WAYNE,
CLARK GABLE, TIM HOLT JR, GENE AUTRY, FRED ASTAIRE and others was a real treat.
We loved westerns and we watched several war movies since my cousin was married to
Myrna Loy for quite some time. He was in many war movies as an extra and part bit
player. One time he was a sidekick to Charleston Heston.

My cousin that lives in the valley has a son that was in the credits for
(THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT) great outdoor scenes and movie. I have a grandson
now that is hoping to break through with a good script to go to film. He also
has had bit pieces in films.

So in being sentimental with old films and fun, remember RED RIVER VALLEY,
BEN HUR, SHOW BOAT, OKLAHOMA, STALAG 17, THE ROBE, and those loving adorable
comic runs they did at intermission. The Road Runner I think got his start there.

O I almost forgot the ground breaker for films with the author not allowing changes,

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