Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sentiments on Sunday FOULK kin

HI, Well since the topic has been FOULK the last few days I will share some tidbits about some of my cousins. The three K's were children of my Great Uncle Dick. Even his name is not his real name but the only name I knew him by until he was no longer living with us and we had to forward mail to his daughter.

I understand they lost their MOM and a sister due to a FLU /Disease when they were young. My Great Uncle raised the boys with family help in Wyoming.

I met them when they came to visit him and they were in the service of the United States, 1 Army and I think the other two were both Navy, I know one was because we visited with he and his wife in San Diego, CA.

When I left home to go to work and start on my own. I lived with the older boy and his lovely wife. They had three beautiful children. I think of them every time I want to travel or see a bus. He drove bus after leaving the Army and marrying his sweetheart and he lived near my parents. At least close enough we could visit on

When I would drive home to see my parents, many years later with older children of my own. We planned our visits to be breakfast at their home in Atascadero, Ca on my
way to my Aunt's for lunch San Jose and MOM's for dinner Valley Ford, Sonoma Co. CA. With five children this broke up our trip and gave us a chance to visit when ever we could.

My husband's first baby to hold was their daughter. We talk of that ever so often and
we really think so fondly of them. Chuckling because we had five children and ten grandchildren babies to hold. Thanks for giving him that first experience Sylvia.

When they retired they moved back to WYO then to Montana. IT has been such a long time since I have seen them.

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