Friday, March 26, 2010


There is always a reason and cleaning the closet was a reward. I found many of the
photo's I was hoping would be there. Family in and family out, family in and moving
all about. In the shuffle of a grandson, mother and sister in law I had set them back
for further work another day. Now I am going to finish the project so I can go back
to the one I had started prior to my knee injury.

I heard SCANFEST was coming and that will be a plus also. I also have to get my
ducks in a row for my seminar talk April 24. I need to use some of those pictures to
accomplish my goal.

I have pictures of my family from when MOM was small to today. A few years are
missing but she has those at her home. I found pictures from my Great Aunt
that I can add to the scanning and label and get up for other family members to see.

Since we have found family all over the USA and are gathering the tidbits to share
I think it would be great to share these photo's.

Recalling that my Aunt's home burned several years ago and she lost many pictures.
Maybe other family members can scan through their files and share photos also.

Now that would or could make a great present for her children who do not have the
those pictures to share.

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