Friday, March 19, 2010

Los Angeles Library Trip & Information Time

Well we are off and running to the Los Angeles Library tomorrow morning.
I hope to learn about the decisions the City was going to discuss at the city meeting on Tuesday as to status of this great library.

I also hope to find data that may give me clues to my JAMES FULLER's Parentage for factual though I think we have a great lead.

I have to find John FOLK's Will to take up to meet a cousin there. If not will have to
send to her.

I have lots of stuff on FOLK/FOULK lineage. John Folk died 1793 in Berks Co. Pa much of his kin moved to Cumberland Co PA later Perry Co when the county was split. They did hang on it Dauphin Co for a while with the MYERS kin. ie MYERS MEYERs and MYERS. :>)

We suspect they we're all interrelated, them MEYER/MYERS people. Just like them FOLK and FOULK are same in our bunch anyway.

SO we off to look at FULLER/GIBSON and FOULK/FOLK data. I might squeeze in NY too.

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