Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sentimental Ideas for the Day

Sentimental Day, O yes, and more poignant tonight. I love the Los Angeles City Library. Never in my wildest dreams did I know we had such a repository of Genealogy in our neck of the woods. I was given the pleasure of attending this library last December.

Others had been there before including my Sister in law.

Tonight I signed on to Facebook to learn that the city of LOS ANGELES is considering
downsizing this facility and curtailing hours etc etc. I will post here what I hope others will take up and join the Facebook page. Paula H said they need 10,000 signatures by tomorrow and they are closing in on that figure. It appears they are about 2,000 short. There is also a page you can sign into and write directly to the Library for requesting the keeping open and not downsizing or removing of data. this reaches the library and they are asking for our help.

NGS sent word out about the moving of the library and it's books. It is also posted on this web site. So more books going out of circulation for some time.

Southern California Genealogy Society is getting ready for the June Jamboree.

Chula Vista Genealogy Society will be hosting Hank Z Jones on Wednesday
March 24, at the F St. Civic Center, Library. 12 noon

More to follow as it happens

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  1. wow wow sounds like futuristic big brother movies where they start closing the libraries as a way to brainwash the public. If we do not know our history we are destined to repeat it.....