Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday's Madness is Alive and Well at the Library

Yes, genealogy is on the move. Up the street and down the alley, a sleuth is looking for information on their family. In the trashcan, in the park, best of all is in the library.

Yup, a library is the place to be and woe is me for I am home working other adventures for the day. But if all goes well tomorrow I may be free to go and visit
the new library the San Diego Genealogy Society has in north county area way above
freeway 8.

Another great library is our own in Chula Vista at the Civic Center F St. facility.
We have lots of books from many places, The Library of Congress catalog, DAR books,
histories, genealogies, census records, Pension Census, Maps, more maps, more
information than most realize.

It is my hope our society will tour the library and learn what all the facility holds. When doing research one should look at: reference section of library, newspapers, magazines, videos, CD's, history, maps and genealogy areas.

Our library in Chula Vista has cd's of the Civil War songs and other such interesting music. The Reference section has: Who's Who, encyclopedias, medical data,
historical information, city directories, etc. The genealogical check out section has
many books that you can take home and browse and bring back for the next person.

The Genealogy Section is a non check out area but has many books on states, ethnic's (Spanish, German, Irish, Scots, Oriental, Portuguese, French Canadian, British, etc), wars, histories, maps, phone books, and much more.

The newspaper section is rather extensive for help in research. I am not sure how far back they carry them anymore. Magazine section can always help you find article's on ancestors or their professions.

Maps are held in both the genealogy (non Check Out section)and in the open area for research. The south branch library (Orange Ave) has some really great ones on the Civil War which I have used.

Mentioning more libraries have you checked out the Law Library in San Diego or elsewhere?

Have you looked at the University Libraries for data? Medical Library division for
lists of Doctors licensed in the USA.

So Madness regarding libraries on Monday is about to break away from the March Madness and enter in to April Showers and then May Flowers.

Come along enjoy the trip, gain some knowledge you did not know was to exist.

God's Blessings on all during this Holy Season.

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  1. Great Post Susi. Yes, you are passionate about our libraries. I can remember when we, as a society, were this concerned about our libraries and books. Many sci-fi books, movies portrayed one of the worse signs of times (big brother, government take overs) was the closing of the libraries and having all our information hand-fed us (via the internet???)