Saturday, March 13, 2010

Surname Saturday What Surname is the game.

Before I left today for meeting I was sure what I was going to talk about.

But coming home and opening a book I bought at the book fair, I am betwixt
and between what to comment on.

I purchased some books on Frederick Maryland, Washington Co Maryland and
surrounding areas. On a quirk I opened the book prior to doing my write up
on the informative talks given by Wayne Anderson and almost forgot to follow

I may have found my first real piece of evidence on my own on my John Hoffman
in the 1700's. Yes I knew he was in Maryland, my cousin had much paper data
prior to her death she shared with me but it was not my data.

Ironically, I bought the book to see if there was data that was cohesive with
what I found on line, on the FULLER family. Since there were Fuller's in the book
I purchased it. A library discard from the other society.

I started re reading the index and then migrated over to the multi listings of the
Hoffman name. Then realized I needed to post today's events for others to read and
glean information from. I am most anxious to go back to the book.

So I guess instead of a name it is a place Frederick, Maryland of long ago and
the changing of the boundaries with the development of Washington County.

Or it is the mention of two surnames both connecting downline in the HOFFMAN
/HUFFMAN lineage.

Interestingly enough, the talk given by Mr. Anderson sets in to reveal a
a problem I mentioned not long ago and brought up at our brick wall meeting
on Wednesday last. 20 lineages does not make a correct answer but Citing
a source would help us all to move forward with the data that is at hand.

Ironically, I have three different supposed father's and mothers to my ancestor.

At my Ancestors birth forward data is forthwith but not back of him. Even I am
able to understand that three trees of different data can not be accurate. :>)

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