Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Mad Mess Day

Wow, it is Monday, well really it is almost Tuesday. It was a mad mess day.
So much happened but at least not bad stuff just stuff. But I understand we did
the last box of the estate papers for cataloging. Now that fun begins in the next

I did not find grandsons papers he needed. Alas

I did go to the San Diego Lapidary Society Club this evening and cut a few rocks.
Well, most people call them rocks but they are semi precious gems once cut. I am
laying out a pattern I want to attempt to put together. Maybe even enter into Fair.
HA ha.

Came home to the computer being down again tonight. This is getting old, so guess a
trip back to MAC store is in order.

I got a Birthday wish list item today. A little deeper into the month I may have an ' answer. Three more birthdays to go this month, Hubbies, oldest son and his youngest

Now to see if someone taped the Generations program tonight. I received two
letters back from Seminar speakers already today.

If I do not get to bed Tuesday will be here before I am in bed.


  1. Very busy but happy day. It is just amazing to me all that you can fit into one day. I am so grateful to have met you and enjoy your wonderful company and encouragement along the way. Have a great day, Friend.

  2. I admire your passison and the energy you put into everything you do. These same traits are what is misisng in today's world. I am hoping you are documenting your stories, your thoughts and your reflection on what hard work is like and how it should be done and why it should be done. Future generations have a lot to learn from your very fine example. Keep on leading.
    I really do enjoy reading your blogs

  3. Susi, your posts encourage me to continue my own blog. Thanks