Sunday, March 7, 2010

Surnames Abound Fuller is Around.

Fuller is around, Fuller is abound. Fuller makes my head go around.

Margaret Fuller WARDEN is buried in IOWA near my Pentico in laws in the WARDEN

Cemetery section. Yup I forgot to source the name when I sent my sister in law to
take pictures. Great Pictures. Now to ask my self and her the name of the cemetery
in the town MADRID, Iowa where my husband grew up. I could have looked myself 30
years ago, had I known she was buried there. I now have two lines of kin buried
near where my husband grew up.

Margaret FULLER was born in Washington Co. Maryland in 1801 on the 16th of May.

She has siblings listed on the census. Her Father was James FULLER.

They moved to Guernsey Co Ohio when she was young.

She died 29 Dec 1897 Madrid Boone Co. IA. Her husband served in the CW, Ohio
Regiment. He died 18 August 1884. Place of death still not located.

Her son Daniel was born 1831 in Ohio, his wife was born in OH also.

Still delving into facts on this family due to many interesting situations.

Randy said for Saturday Night fun who would you choose and this is one line

that I would choose for additional help.

So much is left yet unanswered in the FULLER line and in the family of her son
Daniel's family.

I also have Fuller in VA very near this line and wonder if not related. That line goes to the Mayflower Fuller.. wonders wonders wonders.. odd things never cease.

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