Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Less the Tombstone

Valley Ford, California, at one time had a cemetery. How many know where it lies?
Does anyone know whom lies in it?

O, I know where it lies, but I know not whom lies in it but 3 names.

Those names were shared with me this last week by a Sonoma County Historian.

Ironic that the cemetery lies in Marin County. As I child I could see it daily.

Later the dairy ranch was sold and the new dairy man took out the fence and plowed
the field over.

I believe Dad felt that there were about 12 families buried there that he could recall.

It was not large but it was not so big the rancher/farmer had to destroy it.

If any Ex Valley Ford family members see this I would love to know if you have more

There were about 150 families in this town in the 1950's.

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