Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chula Vista Genealogy with Henry (Hank) Z JONES

Wednesday's upon us, all in driving distance welcome. Come see Hank Z JONES
as our featured speaker of the day. We look forward to sharing his knowledge with
you all.

He is a fun and informative speaker about the side of genealogy that I love.
Yes, I have had more uncanny events bring me the best of luck, no I do not think it
is luck. I think it is divine intervention by the ancestor.

Yes, from a book off the shelf to helping someone else, some spot other than
where I was researching, to have on the same page or next, my missing link setting
there staring back at me. I never forget to say Thank You God. Surely someone
is letting them guide me along the trodden path.

Come listen to Mr. Jones talk about the methods to keep our eyes open, the
suggestions to help us along the beaten path.

I have heard him speak before and I so do enjoy his writings and his work.

Come join us and meet fellow genealogists whom may share the same kin.

365 F St. and at corner of 4th in Chula Vista, 12 pm to 2:30 pm

The event starts at noon and a brief meeting will be presented before he

Come one, come all, come enjoy the event. It is free, with refreshments.

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