Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Treasures Inez Scott Hoffman's work

Today I am going to mention some of Grandma Inez Scott Hoffman's work. She did beautiful hand crocheting. She made and gave to all her children a bedspread quilted, a tablecloth crocheted. As a grandchild my night gown when I was 9 or so was lace trimmed made by her as was my sisters. I have a apron she made that I have displayed at the Genealogy Fair at the Society meeting.

The work she did was awesome clean, refreshing, not over complicated but also nicely colored for use. I have one piece of lace I am going to attach to another fabric and enjoy longer. I have doily's and chair protectors that came from another relative.

I have a beautiful table scarf her daughter Ruth made for us when we were first married and it tied the furniture together in our rented home, which they visited. My mother still crochets, scarf's, stoles, lap robes, and baby blankets for family gifts.

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