Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011 by Susi #2 Holiday Foods

Holiday Foods

There was always twice a year events that  I loved the holiday foods. Christmas was one.
Of course much of what we had at Thanksgiving was repeated at Christmas except, yes there is that
word, desserts.

My Aunt Etta would make Divinity and put nuts or dried fruit or cherries in the different batches.
Mom made fudge, good creamy yummy flavored fudge. Margaret Zimmerman would make mincemeat pies, (the real kind not those of today), Aunt Ruth would do pumpkin pies, other relatives and friends that gathered also brought their specialties.  I miss the relative on Uncle Comillo's side that made the Fruit Cake.
I think it was Bob's Aunt. Again a real fruit cake not this today stuff, unless you order from the south or northeastern part of USA.

We seldom varied from the turkey but there was times we would have goose and we did duck a couple of times. Goose for cooking is a difficult bird not to get it so greasy that one can stand eating it.
I helped Mom one year about 1956 to do a goose. My Great Uncle living with us wanted goose.
We pulled grease off like I could not believe.  We seasoned the goose, put herbs on the inside and rubbed the outside with more dry rub.  The flavor was good on the upper part of the bird but we could not keep the grease off the bottom half of bird.  I almost think a pan needs created to let the grease & broth drip off as it cooks so it does not stand in it. Yes we had it on a stand in the pan.  I also wonder if it was because it was store bought not home raised that it could have been more lean. They like you to pay for the extra pounds of fat that you must toss away.  I have never attempted goose again.

Turkey is the course today with a ham along side due to family allergies.  We have done standing rib roasts when Dad raised the meat but it was a very special occasion to have that.

A normal Christmas fair is: Ham, turkey, dressing, fresh cranberry relish made by Nate, yams or  sweet potatoes with marshmellows. fresh green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy,  dinner rolls and pumpkin and pecan pie.  We serve olives variety of, celery sticks, carrot sticks for munching before meals.  As a youth we varied the stuffing and some times would have three  types on the table. We were also feeding 30 plus people.

My other favorite meal was 4th of July.

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